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Wi-Fi return on investment

posted Mar 29, 2017, 2:12 PM by Unified PS   [ updated Mar 29, 2017, 2:13 PM ]

Wi-Fi return on investment

A business has just invested in a new Guest Wi-Fi network, how do they monetize it? The usual way that many businesses seek wireless network ROI is through paid Wi-Fi either hourly or a flat fee for the day. The first problem with this so-called solution is that it occupies staff with work that may not be their job, diminishing the return on investment (ROI) that they were seeking in the first place with the implementation monetized guest Wi-Fi. Of course the lost ROI depends on the method used, but in general fee-based Wi-Fi is hardly a solution that satisfies anyone. The biggest reason that it's going away is because it can be cheaper for customers to accrue roaming charges than it is to pay the hourly flat fee for Wi-Fi use. Speed and coverage also can play a significant role in their decision making. But a flat fee is generally the main reason for non-usage.

We at Unified are very aware of the problems with monetizing guest Wi-Fi in order to get a Wi-Fi return on investment and have come up with a true solution. “OurAdz” is our ad-serving platform from the cloud that solves everyone’s needs. Rather than a monetary expenditure for the customers, we simply use the cloud to display a short video advertisement on the user's phone. After the advertisement, they are connected to the Wi-Fi system and the network provider (you) receive a share of the advertising revenue. The increased adoption rate could lead to higher revenues via advertising than with the direct charge methodology. Improved customer satisfaction by eliminating cumbersome login procedures is a nice side benefit as well. You provide the customers, we will provide the advertisements... so your staff does not have to. Monetizing Guest-Wifi just got easy.

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UnifiedPS has innovated and found a new effective solution for monetize Guest WiFi networks. We strive to convert new or existing wireless installations from a cost line-items to a revenue generator. We design a fast and elegant login experience for on-site guests that replaces zero value splash pages with powerful monetization capabilities. Solely cloud-based, our platform ensures that any employee, can manage any aspect of the system, from anywhere in the world. Unified is uniquely qualified to manage the Guest WiFi login experience as we can create a login process that best suites each client’s needs. Contact Us To Monetize your Guest Wifi Network or call us at  (855)855-9804