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Monetize Your Guest WiFi with CasinoAdz

posted Mar 29, 2017, 12:35 PM by Unified PS   [ updated Mar 29, 2017, 12:50 PM ]

Monetize Your Guest WiFi with CasinoAdz

Casinos love to put up their ads on large banners all over their walls. It has been previously the best way to get the message out to their guests. However, banner ads haven't been the easiest way to spread their message. If a casino has a big name coming over they may order a few costly banners to arrive in a few days to a week (depending on location), which may be too late. If a casino has an event that is underbooked it isn't generally isn't profitable to order a banner to attract attention to the event. More casinos than ever are offering free Wi-Fi to their guests, what most casinos don't realize is that they are also offering what is potentially a direct advertisement delivery system to their guests.

CasinoAdz by Unified is a service that leverages the guest Wi-Fi infrastructure of casinos to deliver the casino's choice of advertisements to its guests connected to the local Wi-Fi. The distributed advertisements are completely at the discretion of the Casino and can range anywhere from event announcements to product market to even sponsors in exchange for ad revenue. By using CasinoAdz as the Casino's method of advertisement hundreds could be saved in banner printing costs and advertisements could be switched for announcements and vice versa with the click of a button. Plus let's be honest, no one is looking at the walls of the Casino. It's by far more likely for guests to be on their phones, so why aren't the ads there?

With the flexibility of Unified's CasinoAdz platform, an ad about the big name in the theater can switch to an ad promoting the gift ship to an ad about an upcoming event which hasn't been properly marketed yet within just a few hours (or simply run all of them at once). This flexibility allows for Casinos to efficiently attract customers to where they're most convenient or profitable for the casino, coupled with no infrastructure set up costs casinos with CasinoAdz are guaranteed to increase their bottom line.

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UnifiedPS has innovated and found a new effective solution for monetize Guest WiFi networks. We strive to convert new or existing wireless installations from a cost line-items to a revenue generator. We design a fast and elegant login experience for on-site guests that replaces zero value splash pages with powerful monetization capabilities. Solely cloud-based, our platform ensures that any employee, can manage any aspect of the system, from anywhere in the world. Unified is uniquely qualified to manage the Guest WiFi login experience as we can create a login process that best suites each client’s needs. Contact Us To Monetize your Guest Wifi Network or call us at  (855)855-9804