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Monetize Convention Center WiFi Networks with ConventionAdz

posted Mar 1, 2017, 1:47 PM by Unified PS   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 9:17 AM ]

Monetize Convention Center WiFi Networks with ConventionAdz

You fill your convention space with banners and posters of sold advertisements to increase your bottom line, however, this is not where people are looking most of the time. Your guests are looking at their phones! Clearly, your guests wouldn’t appreciate your marketing team running around, gluing advertisements on your guest's screens, but there is a way to leverage guest's phones to increase your bottom line. Monetize your convention center WiFi through the use of ConventionAdz.

ConventionAdz delivers your advertisements to the phones of your guests using our SaaS platform. When a guest logs onto your local Wi-Fi Network they will be greeted with a 15 to 60-second long advertisement of their choosing which then transitions into a landing page which can also be sold as a separate ad space. Exhibitions at your convention will be willing to pay premium prices to get guaranteed engagement time with convention guests. With virtually every one guaranteed to use their phone at one time or another and because of the poor reception provided by most telecommunication services inside most convention halls, they will be guaranteed to log-in to the guest Wi-Fi and you will be guaranteed to increase your bottom line.

We make use of an embedded Google Analytics data to provide you with the valuable demographics of your guests, which in turn can be shown off to brands in order to increase your advertisement revenue. We allow heavy customization yet our ConventionAdz service is extremely scalable thanks to our use of cloud control technology and can be used to manage five or 500 conventions. It's our team's job to provide the coding and software management so your marketing team can focus on what it does best, marketing.

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UnifiedPS has innovated and found a new effective solution for monetize Guest WiFi networks. We strive to convert new or existing wireless installations from a cost line-items to a revenue generator. We design a fast and elegant login experience for on-site guests that replaces zero value splash pages with powerful monetization capabilities. Solely cloud-based, our platform ensures that any employee can manage any aspect of the system, from anywhere in the world. Unified is uniquely qualified to manage the Guest WiFi login experience as we can create a login process that best suits each client’s needs. Contact Us To Monetize your Guest Wifi Network or call us at  (855)855-9804