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Find out how you can monetize your existing WiFi Network with StoreAdz

posted Mar 29, 2017, 12:47 PM by Unified PS   [ updated Mar 29, 2017, 1:38 PM ]

Find out how you can monetize your existing WiFi Network with StoreAdz

Installing the infrastructure to create a store's wireless network isn't cheap, and the large bandwidth used by modern applications means that guest Wi-Fi is an economic drain. Yet with after all these costs, there hasn't been a single channel of revenue yielded from supplying guest Wi-Fi. Until now.

StoreAdz by Unified allows for stores to leverage their guest Wi-Fi in order to gain an ROI (return on investment) on their expensive wireless network. After guests log onto the store's guest Wi-Fi they will be delivered a video ad followed by a landing page. Afterward, customers can proceed to enjoy uninterrupted free Wi-Fi or having a continuous ad presence throughout the entirety of their experience (at the individual store's discretion). StoreAdz puts the ads in the hands of your customers, guaranteeing that they are immersed in the advertising experience.

Most customers are not just going to walk up and read a banner or digital sign advertising, by bringing the advertisement to the customer you not only can charge advertisers a higher rate but can also promote consumerism in your store as guests will be more likely to be convinced to buy the products advertised to them when the advertisement is immersive, such as in the form of a video, as opposed to being a simple banner. StoreAdz does not require any additional infrastructure cost or upkeep as our SaaS platform can manage stores ads and insert them into the client's phone without any staff needing to deal with its upkeep. No more printing banners or having to designate staff for replacing banners when a deal is altered. Since the StoreAdz platform is all in the cloud change can be done with a single button.

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UnifiedPS has innovated and found a new effective solution for monetize Guest WiFi networks. We strive to convert new or existing wireless installations from a cost line-items to a revenue generator. We design a fast and elegant login experience for on-site guests that replaces zero value splash pages with powerful monetization capabilities. Solely cloud-based, our platform ensures that any employee, can manage any aspect of the system, from anywhere in the world. Unified is uniquely qualified to manage the Guest WiFi login experience as we can create a login process that best suites each client’s needs. Contact Us To Monetize your Guest Wifi Network or call us at  (855)855-9804