UnifiedPS' Solution to WiFi ROI for Hospitals dubbed HospitalAdz

Patients spend most of their day watching television. While television is relaxing to watch a few hours after a long day, simply watching television all day can drive people to be sick. The same TV networks that are driving your patients to the point of insanity then have the same audacity to run their advertisements in your facility without a single benefit to you. Why does it have to be like this?

Luckily, there is a way to provide your patients with entertainment and provide a new channel of revenue, and with rising healthcare costs this couldn't have come at a better time. Monetized Guest Wi-Fi through the use of HospitalAdz by Unified. Guest Wi-Fi is an untapped revenue stream in many health facilities. Because of the lack of reception in most health facilities you are guaranteed to have a large amount of Wi-Fi users. HospitalAdz makes use of free Wi-Fi to insert 2-5 video commercials every hour as if the patient is watching television. Now the patient has a new source of entertainment as opposed the 10 hospital channels and you have a new source of revenue. If you have an existing patient network independent of your HIPPA-compliant Unified can work with you to develop this “Connected Patient” approach to hospital care that will improve your guest satisfaction rating overnight.

This "Connected Patient" will be more entertained, and as a result, will not only be happier but will make fewer calls to nursing staff thanks to the immersion of their personal connected experience. No one has time to get sicker when there are millions of hours of quality videos to watch on the internet. This solution not only results in a Win-Win situation for the patients and staff but also is extremely easy to setup. There are no servers required and no login codes/passwords to enter in a database, so your staff can focus on their jobs rather than maintaining and struggling with a WiFi network.

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UnifiedPS has innovated and found a new effective solution for monetize Guest WiFi networks. We strive to convert new or existing wireless installations from a cost line-items to a revenue generator. We design a fast and elegant login experience for on-site guests that replaces zero value splash pages with powerful monetization capabilities. Solely cloud-based, our platform ensures that any employee, can manage any aspect of the system, from anywhere in the world. Unified is uniquely qualified to manage the Guest WiFi login experience as we can create a login process that best suites each client’s needs. Contact Us To Monetize your Guest Wifi Network or call us at  (855)855-9804